SMHL (a wholly owned subsidiary of Vimetco N.V.) is offering premium grade trihydrate bauxite to the market. The bauxite is gibbsitic type (containing <0.5% MHA) and is used as feed stock for low pressure alumina refineries and for high pressure refineries as a very effective sweetening bauxite.
The bauxite is supplied directly from the company’s mine in Sierra Leone, availability of material should be checked with our sales department.
SMHL, member of Vimetco Group, announce completion of its Bauxite Washing Plant in Sierra Leone revamping.
This refurbishment process includes a complete review of the process engineering of its facility and major overhaul of its equipment. The water feeding system upstream to the Wash Plant was completely changed and the flow of water for bauxite washing increased by 60%.
The outcome of such extensive work is significant improving of quality and quality control enabling the optimum mixing of material produced in different mining spots.
The project was initiated in 2013 and completed in November 2014.

Technical specification - bauxite SMHL (PDF)


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Phone: +23278883463
Contact person: Alex Ivanov