Environment and Social impact

Our mines follow modern mining methods with strict environmental controls including extensive re-greening of mined land and proactive participation in the sociological development of communities around.

The Foundation registered as SMHL FOUNDATION LIMITED established for the sole purpose of financing sustainable community development initiatives that will improve the socio-economic and infrastructural conditions in the five bauxite mining chiefdoms of Kpanda Kemo in the Bonthe District; Upper Banta, Lower Banta and Dasse in the Moyamba District and Bumpe Ngao in the Bo District


i. To oversee and coordinate all development activities undertaken by the Foundation in the mining communities;

ii. To carry out on-the-spot studies of factors militating against the socio- economic development of the communities;

iii. To undertake needs assessment of the mining communities and collate them in order of priority;

iv. To mobilize resources within and without for the development of the mining communities;

v. To undertake sensitization of the mining communities on issues relating to good environmental care and other sustainable development initiatives;

vi. To identify and encourage mining communities to undertake functional and sustainable livelihood activities;

vii. To assist in the provision of infrastructural development for the mining communities;

viii. To protect and promote the interest of mining communities internally and externally;

ix. To collaborate with other development partners for development
initiatives in the mining communities.